Successful Grant: $20,000 for Sarasota Bay Watch
November 10, 2010

David and Jennifer Shafer were featured in the "Noisemakers" column of Sarasota Magazine for their work on the Rising Seas initiative aimed at getting Southwest Florida thinking and talking about sea level rise.  Acknowledging the difficulty of tackling such a complicated issue, the article also highlighted some of their previous work dealingdivisive problems and reaching beyond the confines of science to find common ground

Shafer Consulting wrote successful grant proposal for Sarasota Bay Watch. The Community Foundation of Sarasota County has awarded Sarasota Bay Watch $20,000 toward funding an Executive Director position. Shafer Consulting contributes time and expertise providing grant writing and scientific and technical support for Sarasota Bay Watch.

Shoreline Analysis of the Withlacoochee River
August 16, 2010


Shafer Consulting conducted a survey and GIS analysis of the Withlacoochee River in west-central Florida. Understanding historic flows of tidal rivers can help re-establish appropriate levels after years of alteration. One approach to understanding historic flow is to analyze the community composition of shoreline vegetation, which shifts with tidal influence. Using GIS to identify and analyze these shifts in shoreline type in the context of river salinity signatures can provide insight into appropriate flow levels for maintaining river ecology. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Ernest Estevez, Center for Coastal Ecology, Mote Marine Laboratory.

Sister Keys Cleanup
May 10, 2010

Sister_Keys.jpgShafer Consulting joined Sarasota Bay Watch in their Second Annual Sister Keys Clean-Up on Saturday May, 8 2010. Over eighty participants gathered close to a ton of trash during the morning event. The volunteers were treated to a complimentary lunch by Ed Chiles and the Chiles Group, under the buttonwood trees bayside at the Mar Vista and Dockside Restaurant. Town of Longboat Key Public Works employees Curtis Vandermolin, Lloyd Hines, James Linkhogle and Dale Wyman provided invaluable logistical support while David Miller of Cannons Marina and Longbeach Village Association President Michael Drake provided transportation to and from Sister Keys aboard one of the Marina's custom deck boats. Sarasota Bay Watch would like to thank Audubon, the Sarasota Bay Guardian's, Around the Bend Nature Tours and the Snook Foundation for their support. A special nod to Officer Dennis Silvero of the Longboat Key Police, who stood guard along the intercoastal waterway.

Sea Level Rise in Sarasota
February 22, 2010

SarasotaSLR.jpgNew College Adjunct Professor Jennifer Shafer led a team of students in a spatial analysis of the potential impacts of sea level rise on Sarasota County. Using GIS to analyze new Lidar elevation data, the students evaluated the vulnerability of Sarasota's natural, cultural and economic resources to a 2-, 4- and 6-foot rise in sea level, which could occur over the next century. A 6-foot rise in sea level would impact almost 12,000 coastal residences currently valued at $5.5 billion. Many of Sarasota's cultural landmarks such as St. Armands Circle, the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, and Selby Gardens are also vulnerable to inundation. Pelican Press Article

Myakka River Cleanup
November 5, 2009

myakka.JPGShafer Consulting joined the 2009 Myakka River Cleanup Event. Their efforts, led by Myakka River enthusiast Bob Richardson, cleaned litter and debris from the river along a four mile reach between Border Road Bridge and Rocky Ford. While paddling furiously to keep up with Richardson, the group recovered a motley collection of river debris, including a paper plate, the sole of a shoe and a latex glove. Their targeted segment was mostly litter-free. The larger cleanup effort targeted 38 miles of the river, including 12 miles inside the Myakka State Park. The Myakka River, designated as a Florida Wild and Scenic River, flows through 58 square miles of wetlands, prairies, hammocks, and pinelands.

View Jennifer's Transit-Oriented Development Presentation
August 28, 2009

BoardPresentationTRAC.jpgJennifer Shafer recently presented the final report of the Transportation and Redevelopment Action Committee (TRAC) to the Sarasota County Commission. Tim Dutton, Executive Director of the sponsoring organization SCOPE, praised Jennifer's leadership: "Dr. Shafer stepped up as both a citizen and as a gifted professional to lead an innovative process of civic engagement. As chair of the citizen group, Jennifer was called upon to convey complex ideas generated through the many steps of the year-long process. Her understanding of the dynamics of development and the nuances of power and personality in the context of citizen ownership made a big difference." TRAC chose Bee Ridge Road as a case-study for transforming Sarasota's tired and sprawling corridors using TOD principles to achieve walkable mixed-use neighborhoods connected by multi-modal transit. By distilling hundreds of ideas contributed by citizens participating in Focus Groups, TRAC identified 21 guiding principles to serve as a road map for elected officials, county planners, businesses and neighborhoods. Link to video - Agenda Item 11

Teacher's Institute for Conservation Biology
July 29, 2009

lemur.jpgJennifer Shafer lead a seminar and workshop featuring remote sensing and geographic information systems as tools for monitoring and modeling plant and animal populations and their habitats. The workshop was held at the Teachers Institute for Conservation Biology, sponsored and conducted by the Lemur Conservation Foundation in Myakka City, FL. "Her performance was outstanding," said Dr. Mike Stuart, team leader and Professor Emeritus of Biology at UNC. "Dr. Shafer provided detailed instructions and information prior to the course and followed up with both an excellent presentation and hands-on instruction on how to use the technology. Dr. Shafer is clearly well versed in the biological science behind the technology, but she is also an outstanding teacher. Dr. Shafer and her company would be my first choice for any project involving complex data analyses of environmental issues or in teaching others how to understand the myriad issues in land use. I look forward to utilizing her skills and expertise again in future programs."

Read Jennifer's Guest Editorial: Mapping a smart transit-oriented future
April 26, 2009

before.jpgJennifer Shafer is active in a grassroots effort to start a community dialogue about Sarasota's growth management strategies. The Sarasota citizen group is exploring how transit-oriented re-developmentafter.jpgcould transform older, strip-mall laden commuter corridors to more pedestrian friendly mixed-use neighborhood centers connected to each other by transit alternatives such as safe walking and bike paths, buses or locally circulating trolleys. A community-wide Forum will be hosted by citizens next Friday May 1 from 1-4 pm at the Polytechnical High School on Beneva Road in Sarasota. Link to Herald Tribune Article