Shafer Consulting Sponsors Scallapalooza
May 16, 2012



Shafer Consulting, together with 74 groups and organizations, is proud to sponsor Sarasota Bay Watch's Second Annual Scallopalooza. The Sarasota Yacht Club will again host this special fundraiser this June 9th, dedicated exclusively to restoring scallops in Sarasota Bay. 

Scallopalooza is a celebration of community-based "sea-grass-roots" efforts to restore bay scallops in Sarasota Bay. It features an evening of entertainment, presentations, silent and live auctions and food. This year's program features colorful Master of Ceremonies Jeff Birnbach orchestrating informative presentations by invited speakers and live auction items.

Web Design: Sustainable & Authentic Florida Conference
April 12, 2012


Shafer Consulting designed and built the webpage for the 2012 Sustainable & Authentic Florida Conference.  The Conference will be held October 17-19, 2012 on Anna Maria Island.

Hernando Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
March 15, 2012

Shafer Consulting worked with Calvin Giordano and Associates on the Post Disaster Redevelpoment Plan for Hernando County, providing GIS-based Hazard Vulnerability Analysis. The analysis modeled the potential effects of hurricane wind and storm surge and basin flood events in Hernando County. The analysis examined vulnerability of structures, critical facilities, infrastructure, natural resources and socio-economic groups under various hazard scenarios for post-disaster redevelopment planning.

Sarasota Bay Watch Scallop Blog
March 1, 2012


Shafer Consulting designed and built a Scallop Blog for Sarasota Bay Watch.  The blog provides updates on Sarasota Bay Watch's efforts to restore healthy scallop populations in Sarasota Bay.

The Sarsota Bay Watershed Symposium: Science, Policy & Education
February 17, 2012


New College of Florida, in partnership with the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, presented the Sarasota Bay Watershed Symposium February 17-19, 2012.The Symposium brought together 252 participants, including scientists (27%), educators (19%), policy makers (6%), business leaders (13%), students (15%), and the interested public (21%) to address environmental issues in Sarasota Bay and her watersheds.

Altogether, a team of 99 individuals from across the professional, citizen and academic community contributed their time, knowledge and creativity to plan and carry out the Symposium Program.  Invited contributors numbered 74, including two keynote speakers (see Appendix A), a series of six discussion sessions, a visioning session, a science poster session (see Appendix B), native plant display, an art exhibit, and a synthesis and listening session with the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Policy Board.  Discussion sessions each featured a plenary roundtable discussion with invited experts, followed by concurrent breakout discussions lead by experts where participants could further explore and discuss sub-topics of the issues from the plenary.

Sessions on Day 1 focused on habitat connections, science-policy connections and socio-economic connections.  Sessions on Day 2 were place-based, examining the dynamic complexity of topics identified during Day 1 through local case-studies. Lessons learned, solutions and next steps were identified.  Locations included Palma Sola Bay Watershed, Bradenton; Phillippi Creek and North Roberts Bay Watershed, Sarasota; and the Sarasota Bay Watershed, Sarasota-Bradenton and the Islands.

Ten hours of plenary proceedings were video captured and live streamed to the internet, and are available on-demand on the Sarasota Water Atlas.  This video plus summaries of proceedings were uploaded to create 105 pages of new content on the Coastal Watershed Wiki on the Sarasota Water Atlas (

Historical Land Use Analysis of Sarasota Bay
January 12, 2012

Shafer Consulting led a month-long workshop at New College to complete a GIS-based analysis of historical land use in the Sarasota Bay Watershed 1948-2009.

Palm Beach Sea Level Rise Storm Surge Modeling
October 14, 2011

Shafer Consulting provided scientific mapping and modelling services to Palm Beach County under contract with Calvin Giordano & Assoc. With the latest LIDAR elevation data, we used GIS to model the potential effect of sea level rise on the coastal community of Palm Beach County, Florida, under four possible future scenarios: 3 feet of sea level rise (SLR), and 3 ft SLR plus storm surge from Category 1, 3 and 5 hurricanes, respectively. Community vulnerability to the resulting inundation zones was evaluated along multiple dimensions, including: Critical Facilities, Ecosystems, Economy, Coastal Resources, Water Resources, and Population.

New College Coastal Watershed Initiative
May 2, 2011

SBWSlogo.jpgDr. Jennifer Shafer and Dr. David Shafer were recently appointed Project Coordinators for New College's Coastal Watershed Initiative. New College of Florida was awarded a New Florida Intitiative Grant for integrated research, education and policy outreach for Southwest Florida watersheds. The project includes organizing and hosting the Sarasota Bay Watershed Symposium and developing science, managment and education outreach tools through the Sarasota Water Atlas. Sign up to receive info and updates as the project unfolds.

Mote Welcomes New Adjunct Scientists
January 12, 2011

MMLblue.gifDr. David Shafer and Dr. Jennifer Shafer were recently appointed Adjunct Scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida. Mote Marine Laboratory is a leader in marine research with seven centers for marine research, the public Mote Aquarium and an Education Division specializing in public programs for all ages. Shafer Consulting looks forward to collaborating with Mote scientists in Coastal Ecology, Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Marine Policy.

Successful Grant: $15,000 for Sarasota Bay Watch
December 28, 2010

eodunn.jpgShafer Consulting wrote another successful grant proposal for Sarasota Bay Watch. The Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation has awarded Sarasota Bay Watch $15,000 toward funding an Executive Director position. Shafer Consulting contributes time and expertise providing grant writing and scientific and technical support for Sarasota Bay Watch.