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Potential Effects of Sea Level Rise in Sarasota County
New College Environmental Studies Program
Katie Cribbs, Michael Dexter, Sarah McManus, Oliver Peckham, Mark Pittarelli, Courtney Smith, Ethan Urbanczyk
Project Summary

Sarasota County’s Gulf Coast is a defining characteristic of the area’s history, culture and commerce. However, its low-lying coastal lands may be at risk of flooding and inundation due to rising sea levels. Under current climate change scenarios that predict polar ice sheet melt and thermal expansion of the oceans, projections of sea level rise by 2100 range from about 2.5 to 6.5 feet, as cited in a 2009 report from the Marine Policy Institute at Mote Marine Laboratory.

This project was completed by New College students as part of a research course in Environmental Studies. The class worked together as a team to conduct a coastal ecosystem hazards study using GIS and new Lidar elevation data to map and analyze the vulnerabilities of the natural and social elements of Sarasota County under 2-, 4- and 6-ft sea level rise scenarios.

Please note, these maps were created as an acedemic exercise. As such, a number of important technical corrections to the data have not been made. The maps are not suitable for planning or decision making. For more information contact Dr. Jennifer Shafer, Adjunct Professor, New College of Florida.

GIS Map Series January 2010
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Ecosystems    Native Habitats
   Siesta Key Native Habitats
   Myakka Basin
   Conservation Land
   Land and Inland Waters
Infrastructure    Roadways at Risk
   Emergency Response
   Private Wells and Septic Tanks
   Public Utilities
   Stormwater System
Tourism    Sarasota Landmarks 1
   Sarasota Landmarks 2
   Tourist Attractions 1
   Tourist Attractions 2
   Hotel and Resort Properties
Neighborhoods    Community Profile by Age Group
   Residential Properties
   Planning for Future Residential Land Use

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