We specialize in communicating science and science-policy issues through technical analysis, outreach and creative design. Whether you need help conceptualizing and designing a project, analyzing and visualizing results or summarizing and communicating to stakeholders and policymakers, we can help.  We are ecologists, statisticians, GIS analysts, graphic and web designers, conveners and facilitators, and educators.


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Raising Minds about Rising Seas

Initiative to advance public understanding about the science of sea level rise, vulnerabilities of our natural and built environments, and potential strategies to mitigate or adapt to the risks.

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Be Floridian: Follow the Flock

A campaign promoting best practices for caring for your Florida yard that protect the water quality of our waterways and bays.  Co-branded with Tampa Bay Estuary Program's "Be Floridian" Campaign.

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Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise Modeling

GIS spatial analysis incorporating elevation data, tidal data and storm surge data to determine land inundation zones under various projections. Vulnerability analysis of natural and built environments at the County level.

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2012 Sarasota Bay Watershed Symposium

Symposium integrating watershed science, policy and education for Sarasota Bay.  Presented by New College of Florida in partnership with the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program.

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